Сборник (VA)
Рок в авто (2017)
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Сборник (VA) Рок в авто (2017) скачать торрент
Опубликовал: Mbbalera
Раздел сайта: Зарубежные сборники
Теги: 2017 Auto Metal Rock Hard Rock
Размещено: 26-02-2017, 16:32
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 320 Kbps
Количество треков: 260
Время звучания: 19:27:15
Торрент-файл: Да
Размер архива: 2.61 GB
Поблагодарить: СПАСИБО [ 8]

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A Hero for the World - Eternal Shadows.mp3
Abraxas - Cry Of The Nature.mp3
Adrenaline Mob - Kill the King.mp3
Age of Artemis - Echoes Within.mp3
Air Raid - Raiders Of Hell.mp3
Airborn - King Of The Sea.mp3
Alestorm - Keelhauled.mp3
Altair - Fly Away.mp3
Amaranthe - Call Out My Name.mp3
Amazing Maze - Pray!.mp3
Ancient Bards - A Greater Purpose.mp3
Anguish Force - Dragons through the Rainbow.mp3
Animetal USA - Hero Medley.mp3
Ascension - Orb Of The Moons.mp3
Astral Doors - Rainbow Warrior.mp3
Astralion - Mysterious & Victorious.mp3
AtVance - Broken Vow.mp3
Audivision - Show Me The Way.mp3
Axenstar - Under Black Wings.mp3
Axxis - Sarah Wanna Die.mp3
Battle Beast - Justice And Metal.mp3
Black Abyss - Dark Legacy.mp3
Black Majesty - Tomorrowland.mp3
Black Rose - Hunter.mp3
Blazon Stone - Curse Of The Ghost Ship.mp3
Blind Guardian - Valhalla.mp3
Bloodbound - Reflections Of Evil.mp3
Bourbon Boys - Rock 'n' Rollin Man.mp3
Breitenhold - Guardians of the Black Castle.mp3
Burning Point - Into The Fire.mp3
Cain's Dinasty - Legacy Of Blood.mp3
Caini's Offering - Dawn Of Solace.mp3
Cardiant - Beat of Heart.mp3
Celesty - Like Warriors.mp3
Cellador - Honor Forth.mp3
Charlie Shred - Time To Die.mp3
Chinchilla - Heavy Metal.mp3
Civil War - Sons of Avalon.mp3
Civillization One - Legends Of The Past (Carry On).mp3
Claymore - Power of the Destiny.mp3
Conquest - I've Seen You In My Dreams.mp3
Crimson Cry - You Heed A Hero.mp3
Crimson Fire - Born For Metal.mp3
Cry Venom - Wolfsbane.mp3
Cryonic Temple - Thunder and lightning.mp3
Crystal Ball - Powerflight.mp3
Crystal Viper - Goddess Of Death.mp3
Crystallion - Hougomont.mp3
Dark Illusion - Night Knight.mp3
Dark Sky - Judas 2-Take My Life.mp3
Dawn of Silence - Escape The Night.mp3
Deathlike Silence - And you Cry.mp3
Derdian - The Hunter.mp3
Desdemona - Event Horizon.mp3
Destiny - Destiny.mp3
Dionysus - Anima Mundi.mp3
Dragonforce - Holding On.mp3
Dragonland - Majesty of The Mithrill Mountains.mp3
Dreamtale - Firestorm.mp3
Dunedian - Valor.mp3
Dynazty - Raise Your Hands.mp3
Eclipce Prophecy - - Through The Storm.mp3
Edgгy - Out Of Vogue.mp3
Elvenpath - Guardians Of The Underground.mp3
Elvenstorm - Legions Of Steel.mp3
Emerald Sun - Screamers In The Storm.mp3
Evan - Into The Light.mp3
Evershine - Demon's Ride.mp3
Exlibris - Hellphoria.mp3
Falconer - Spirit of the Hawk.mp3
Feinstein - Masquerade.mp3
Final Chapter - The King Of The Court - The WizardQueen.mp3
Fireland - Here I Am.mp3
Fogalord - The Fog Lord.mp3
Forces United - We Are Here.mp3
Forever Storm - Battle Cry.mp3
Fraise - Fall A Prey.mp3
Freedom Call - Age Of The Phoenix.mp3
FullForce - Heart And Soul.mp3
Fyredogs - The Devil Pays The Dues.mp3
Gaia Epicus - Damnation.mp3
Galderia - Children Of The Earth.mp3
Gallows End - Soul Collector.mp3
Galneryus - The Time Has Come.mp3
Ghost Machinery - Name Remains In History.mp3
Giant X - Rough Ride.mp3
Girlschool - (I'm Your) Victim.mp3
Gloriam Dei - Bethlehem.mp3
Gloryful - The Warrior's Code.mp3
Gloryhammer - Anstruther's Dark Prophecy.mp3
Golden Resurrection - See My Comands.mp3
Great Master - Traveller of Time.mp3
Guardians of Andromeda - In The Halls Of Our Fathers.mp3
Gun Barrel - Batle-Tested.mp3
Gypsy Rose - Liar.mp3
Hallowed - Feed The Machine.mp3
Hammer King - Battle Gorse.mp3
Hammerfall - Dethrone and Defy.mp3
Harmony - Eternity.mp3
Haterush - Demon Dealer.mp3
Heavenly - Ashen Paradise.mp3
Heimdall - Forced By Fate.mp3
Helloween - World Of Fantasy.mp3
Herman Frank - Lights Are Out.mp3
Highland Glory - Far Cry From Freedom.mp3
Hitten - Eternal Force.mp3
Holy Force - Emperor.mp3
Holyhell - Prophecy.mp3
Ilium - Ageless Decay.mp3
Illusory - Pale Moonlight.mp3
Impelliteri - Beware Of The Devil.mp3
Insania - Fight for life.mp3
Instanzia - Ghosts Of The Past.mp3
Iron Fire - The Last Survivor.mp3
Iron Savior - The Savior.mp3
Ironware - Time Machine.mp3
Kaktus Project - Farewell.mp3
Kaledon - Childhood.mp3
Kamikaze Kings - Boneshaker Boogie.mp3
Katana - Livin' Without Fear.mp3
Keldian - Burn The Sky.mp3
Kemilon - Warriors Of Space.mp3
King Wraith - Poseidon.mp3
Kiske,Somerville - Nothing Left To Say.mp3
Kissin Dynamite - Sex Is War.mp3
Krokus - Drive It In.mp3
Lancer - Dreamchasers.mp3
Last Kingdom - Chronicles Of The North.mp3
Lazy Bonez - First to Go- Last to Know.mp3
Leverage - Legions Of Invisible.mp3
Like A Storm - Gangsters Paradise.mp3
Lonewolf - The Dark Crusade - Dragons Of The Night.mp3
Lord - Point Of View.mp3
Lord Thanatos - Victory In The Forgotten Mountain.mp3
Lost Horizon - Heart Of Storm.mp3
Love.Might.Kill - Down To Nowhere.mp3
Lucid Dreaming - To Caer Dathyl.mp3
Ludor - 777 - The New 666.mp3
Machinae Supremacy - A View From The End Of The World.mp3
Magic Kingdom - Child Of The Nile.mp3
Majesty - Warlords Of The Sea [320].mp3
Manowar - The Power Of Thy Sword.mp3
Masterplan - Warriors Cry.mp3
Masterstroke - Evil Forces (Never Die).mp3
Mean Streak - Carved In Stone.mp3
Merging Flare - In the Line of Fire.mp3
Messenger - Land of the Brave.mp3
Metal Law - Metal or Die.mp3
Metal Priest - Bursting Out.mp3
Mindfeeder - Colours of the Skies.mp3
Minimal - Silent Messiah.mp3
MinstreliX - Sky Flame.mp3
Miracle Timeless - Down To The Gallows.mp3
Monument - Rock the Night.mp3
Morning Dwell - Rise From the Sand.mp3
Nautiluz - Chasing the Light.mp3
Neonfly - Broken Wings.mp3
Nightmare - Legions Of The Rising Sun.mp3
Nightscape - Higher Than Life.mp3
Nocturnal Rates - Never Ending.mp3
Nordic Union - Hypocrisy.mp3
Oratory - Old Man's Prophecy.mp3
Orden Ogan - Dying Paradise.mp3
Orion's Reign - Oldead.mp3
Other View - In A Tower Of Lies.mp3
OverMaster - Marble King.mp3
Pellek - Thundernight.mp3
Perpetual Fire - Shadow Call.mp3
Pertness - My Will is Broken.mp3
Phoenix Rizing - Dragonlord.mp3
Platitude - Dance Thru The Fire.mp3
Power Quest - Kings Of Eternity.mp3
Powerwolf - Amen & Attack.mp3
Pretty Maids - Back To Back.mp3
Prey - Personal Fantasy.mp3
Primal Fear - Unbreakable (Part 2).mp3
Primitai - Driven Wild.mp3
ReinXeed - The Final Hour.mp3
Repression - Breaking The Chains.mp3
Reptilian - Signing Out.mp3
Revolution Rnaissance - Last Night On Earth.mp3
Rocka Rollas - Heavy Metal Machine.mp3
Royal Jester - Enter The Mist.mp3
Running Wild - Soldiers Of Fortune.mp3
Sabaton - Ghost Division Panzer Elite.mp3
Saidian - Out Of The Shadows.mp3
Saint Deamon - Black Symphony.mp3
Salamandra - Fading Desires.mp3
Sandalinas - Fly to the Sun.mp3
Sebastien - Frozen Nightingales.mp3
Secret Illusion - Light on your way.mp3
Serenity - Sprouts Of Terror.mp3
Serious Black - Emotional Blackmail (Bonus Track).mp3
Seven Kingdom - Somewhere Far Away.mp3
Shakra - The Storm.mp3
Signum Regis - Dura Europos.mp3
Silent Fall - Heroes (bonus).mp3
Silent Knigth - The Ravens Return.mp3
Silverlane - Full Moon.mp3
Sinbreed - Book Of Life.mp3
Sister Sin - In It for Life.mp3
Six Magics - Infinite Keeper.mp3
Skanners - Lords of Lies.mp3
Skeletoon - Heavy Metal Dreamers.mp3
Skillet - Comatose.mp3
Skiltron - Lion Rampant.mp3
Skylark - Love Song.mp3
Solar Fragment - Once Again.mp3
Sonata Arctica - Wolf & Raven.mp3
Soul Source - Destiny Horizon.mp3
Soulblaze - Killing Flames.mp3
Steel Attack - The Darkness.mp3
Steel Engraved - Desert Uprising.mp3
Steel Reigh - The Citadel.mp3
Steel Seal - Victory In Black.mp3
Stormhunter - Perfect World.mp3
Stormrider - Across The Acheron.mp3
Stormwarrior - Heathen Warrior.mp3
Stormwitch - The Devil's Bride.mp3
Stratovarius - Speed of Light.mp3
Striker - The White Knight.mp3
Sturm und Drang - These Chains.mp3
Sunrise - All This Time.mp3
Supreme Majesty - Heroes of Our Lands.mp3
Symfonia - Santiago.mp3
Symphonity - Gates of Fantasy.MP3
Taberah - The Hammer of Hades.mp3
Temperance - Unspoken Words.mp3
The Barque of Dante - My Spirit Will Go On (DragonForce Cover).mp3
The Mystery - Death Lullaby.mp3
The Offspring - Dividing By Zero.mp3
The Rasmus - Dangerous Kind.mp3
The Storyteller - Strength Of Valhalla.mp3
Theocracy - Light of The World.mp3
Thornbridge - The Dragon's Reborn.mp3
Thunderstone - Let The Demons Free.mp3
Titanium - Another Chance.mp3
Toxic Taste - Rock`n`roll.mp3
Traumer - Forever Starts Tomorow.mp3
Trial of Murder - Higher.mp3
Triddana - Men of Clay.mp3
Twins Crew - Blade.mp3
Ultimatium - Fight the time.mp3
Unisonic - Unisonic.mp3
Veonity - Unity.mp3
Vexillum - Rising From The Ruins.mp3
Victorius - Age of Tyranny.mp3
Wardrum - Baptised in Fire.mp3
Wings of Destiny - Forgive but Not Forget.mp3
Winter's Verge - Goodbye.mp3
Winterstorm - Kings Will Fall.mp3
Wisdom - Masquerade.mp3
Witchblade - Walk Alone.mp3
Within Tamptation - Paradise (Feat. Tarja).mp3
Wizard - …Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes.mp3
Wizards - Riding The Twilight - Wizards.mp3
Wuthering Heaghts - The Desperate Poet.mp3

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